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Downloading videos from your favorite video site has always been a real pain with many software brands claiming to provide the service but the end result was always disappointment.

Well now you can download videos directly from Youjizz and save them onto your computer and watch them anytime you like you can even transfer them to your playstation 3, psp or other media player and watch them without the need for an internet connection.

The freeYoujizz downloader software was created by Biennesoft and currently boasts over 39 million downloads under the name youtube downloader.

A typical happy user said this about it: It launches quickly, uses very little CPU, virtually no memory, and downloads and installs in literally seconds. The software automatically pastesYoujizz URLs that are copied to the clipboard into the URL box, and then generates the download.

TheYoujizz downloading software has been very well maintained and supported by the creators and this means that it's fast and reliable, a new software version is produced and released to match any changes on the video sites. It may not be obvious but the software can also be used to download from a wide variety of video sharing sites including Google video, bing, vevo, Youjizz and many adult video sites.

The software is especially good to use if you have a limited internet connection or have a pay as you go internet service, because you only have to download once and then watch from your computer which saves your internet bandwidth.